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Stevenage Coach Tours 
Stevenage may seem a quiet town in Hertfordshire but it boasts of having produced some of the top movies to ever hit the box office. It is located 50km north of London city and has an increasing population each year. It is no surprise that Stevenage is a fast growing city and also one with lots of attractions for tourists and the locals. 
As Stevenage minibus hire, we are going to show you a side of this town you have never seen before. You only need to subscribe to our coach tours and we provide a qualified professional driver to chauffer you around. You also have the freedom to choose any kind of coach you want—from a Mercedes 16 seater to 72 seater Volvos. 
Things to Do in Stevenage 

Stevenage is a hub for lush garden houses, electrifying performances on stage and even iconic landmarks located in different parts of the city.
Benington Lordship Gardens  
Enter the Benington Lordship Gardens and immediately you catch the whiff of royalty renting the air. From the compound to the premise itself, everything looks like it’s plucked off a fairytale story. The garden is divided into section and the most vivid one welcoming you to the mansion is the rose garden as well as the winter and spring gardens. You will love the place in the summers, when the honeysuckles and poppies bloom evoking both beauty and surreal scents. There is an orchard, a pond, kitchen garden, rockery, a kiosk and even a parish hall within the grounds. If you have a wedding or engagement party coming up, this is the right place to hire. 
Fairlands Valley Park  
This is an open space in the middle of town where you can come together and have fun. Fairylands Valley Park is open to the public from early morning till evening and it’s paradise on earth once you are there. There is plenty of space with grass where you can pitch your picnic get-together as you marvel at the landscapes. There are paved paths in the park too to take strolls in, not forgetting the pond that glistens in the evening sunlight with ducks happily paddling about the surface. In case you are looking for an ideal place for your wedding or engagement photo shoot, this is the right park to visit. 
Knebworth House 
Compared to Benington Gardens, Knebworth house definitely takes the prize in terms of decor and architectural aesthetics. Once you go through the gates, acres of green manicured grass greet and lead you towards the gothic designed building; it’s actually the best place in Stevenage to view and appreciate gothic architecture.  
The interior is quite romantic as you walk through the hallways and admire the gargoyle statues, the turrets and the dome rooms. When you explore longer, you will also discover the stucco hides that lead to a red brick house said to have existed when Tudors walked the Stevenage soils. Your kids will particularly love the adventure playground and dinosaur trail within the premise. They won’t mind some garden activities as well like brass rubbing or taking a trip through the wilderness to find the Willow House.  
Cromer Windmill 
This is a landmark within Stevenage that is said to have existed as early as the 16th century. The Cromer Mill served the people of Stevenage when the area was still a village and slowly grew to what it is today. Around mid 19th century, the mills had to be renovated after some massive deterioration. Today, Cromer Windmill is listed as a Grade II building and is an attraction open for viewing by the public. 
The Gordon Craig Theatre 
Not only is the Gordon Craig theatre beautiful, it is home to some of the most interesting and exciting plays in town. Grab a ticket and find a strategic seat within the audience where you can catch all the action happening on stage. They often host themed staged performances like Murder Mystery evenings. 
Events in Stevenage 
The ELO Experience (Tribute Band), Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage (18th March 2016) 
Ireland Call (A Stage Play on Sean Dempsey’s Story(, Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage (9th March 2016) 
Stewart Francis Pun Gent (Canadian Stand-up comedian), Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage (8th March 2016) 
YPL Masquerade Soiree Concert (Live Music, Dj, Cocktails), The Roof Gardens, Stevenage (5th March 2016) 
Colour conference London, SSE Arena, Wembley (26th April 2016) 
MODFEST Autoshow, Harlow Showground, Stevenage (28th August 2016) 
Why Choose Us  
You will find our coach tours package quite comprehensive in covering the highlight attractions in Stevenage. We will get you to the attractions faster and even show you more gems within town not many people get to see. Follow our minibus hire in Stevenage website to book your first couch tour, and possibly earn a discount.