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Stevenage – Minibus Hire with Driver 

When you opt for minibus hire in Stevenage, it is very important to consider all aspects of the service, and not just the obvious considerations such as quality and price. 
In most cases, quality and price are directly proportional, with higher the price, better the service, or vice versa. However, with our Stevenage minibus hire service, we offer the best service, at the lowest prices, We leverage our economies of scale to keep overheads low, and pass on the resultant savings to you. When you add the high end vehicles, such as Ford Transit, Mercedes 16 seater, Volvos, and Iveco coches we provide, you get unbeatable value. 
Consider the drivers, who drive your minibus. Even when you have the best of minibus, your trip could still be ruined by n uncooperative driver, or even an inexperienced driver who does not know what he should be doing in the given circumstances. Taking a wrong line itself can result in several minutes or even hour of wasted time, depending on the traffic.  
Our drivers are trained professionals, and complete all-round personalities. Excellent driving skills are just their basic qualifications. We have an extensive recruitment process, where the drivers are tested not just on their driving skills, but also on their mental faculties. Our drivers know exactly how to respond to any situation, and keep their calm in pressure or crunch situations. They demonstrate patience, and are not unfazed or irritated by chaotic traffic. They are well experienced and adept in driving under different climatic conditions, be it rain or snow. 
We train our drivers in all the nuances of driving, including refresher courses, awareness of traffic rules, and customer care. They are trained to be responsive to every need to the passengers, but without compromising their safety and well being. 
Our drivers are locals, who know the local area, and also the local routes well. They coordinate effectively with our customer support team, and take the best routes, to keep the time schedule. For instance, Stevenage is connected to central London via both A1 and M1 routes. The M1 is seven miles longer, but depending on the time of the day and week, may actually take lesser time There are lesser known routes as well, void of traffic, which only someone thorough with the area can take with confidence. 
If your group has to reach somewhere in a hurry, or cannot afford to be late, as in the case of catching a flight, never consider any other option except out Stevenage minibus hire service. Our drivers are your best bet in reaching the destination on tine, without over speeding, or violating any traffic rules. 
A key reason for our success is sound internal systems, which makes everything work smoothly. For instance, we have a roaster system to ensure drivers have adequate time of in between trips, so that they are always alert, when on trips. 
Our thoroughly professional drivers are a key reason, among other factors, our minibus hire in Stevenage is in high demand for stag do nites, hen do nites, other note out functions, concert transfers, festival event transfers, and several other occasions. Our customers have the confidence that our drivers are reliable, and would take them around safe and sounds, even as the group members have unbridled fun. 
To reserve your minibus hire with driver, contact our customer support team, or fill up the simple online form. You are guaranteed a comprehensive service.